Tempers flare as Fly Jamaica passengers demand answers

Tempers flared this morning at Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston as angry passengers of  Fly Jamaica demanded to know when they will be leaving the country for New York.
The nearly 200 passengers have been at the airport since yesterday afternoon.
Some of  the passengers contacted RJR News explaining that they boarded an aircraft leased by Fly Jamaica expecting to leave at 6:30 in the evening.
However, at 11 o'clock the plane was still on the tarmac.
The pilots reportedly explained there was an issue with the manifest of  the leased aircraft and Fly Jamaica.
The crew proceeded to leave the aircraft, adding that it was time for their scheduled rest which is 12 hours.
Some of  the passengers said they have been trying to leave the country since December 31.
Since the Christmas holidays, Fly Jamaica has been experiencing several flights delays and cancellations.
This was due to its planes undergoing maintenance.
One has been brought back into operation.


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