The shipment of illegal American guns into Jamaica will continue, ex-cop warns


Jamaica’s security forces are being warned that they will continue to face the onslaught of  illegal guns entering the island, because of  the posture of  the United States in relation to gun ownership.

Keith 'Trinity' Gardner' a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police, is arguing that the plethora of  guns in the US will always provide a consistent supply to Jamaica.

His comments are in reaction to the seizure of a huge shipment of  illegal guns and ammunition in Miami destined for Jamaica.

The US authorities intercepted 117 illegal guns last month at Miami International Airport.

The issue of  illegal guns shipped from the US has been a longstanding one, and a big factor is the ease of  ownership in that country.

Mr Gardner, speaking on RJR’s Beyond the Headlines, noted that, despite mounting evidence that gun ownership policies need changing, the right to bear arms overrides these concerns.

This means local authorities will have to continue to work hard to stop or minimise the importation of  these weapons, he said.

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