Tough new Road Traffic Act to take effect shortly


The House of Representatives on Tuesday approved additional amendments to the Road Traffic Act, making it more likely that the bill will be passed, with tougher sanctions than currently apply, before the end of the year.

Transport Minister Robert Montague told RJR News that, with the bill now set to return to the Senate with the additional amendments, he’s hoping that it will be passed by that chamber shortly, and shortly thereafter it will go to the Governor General for his assent.

“I’m very hopeful that we will have it before the end of the year – the Governor General’s assent and it being gazetted,” he said.

The new statute, when enacted, will provide for significant increases in fines for several offences.

Heavy penalties have been included for a range of breaches like driving without a licence or permit, which will attract a fine of $40,000.

Driving without motor vehicle insurance coverage will result in a fine of $20,000.



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