Tourism Ministry threatens to revoke licences of hotels that fail to meet security standards

Edmund Bartlett
The Ministry of Tourism has warned that the government will revoke the licence of any hotel which fails to meet requirements for the security of guests.
The warning came as the ministry announced on Sunday that it will be conducting a security audit of the island's major hotels and attractions to ensure the safety of tourists and guests.
This follows the recent attack and alleged rape of two American tourists at the Riu Reggae Hotel in St. James.
Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett said the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) will carry out the audit.
He said the government is intent on protecting the tourism brand. 
"We pride ourselves in having (an) enviably low level of incidents against visitors in the country. That must continue. And I want to...issue a warning (to) all the entities that those who are found to be continuously in breach of the high security standards and safety standards within the industry will face very serious penalties," he declared.   
Demar Scott, the man accused of raping the two tourists, was employed as an entertainment coordinator at the Riu Reggae hotel.
He was remanded when he appeared in the St. James Parish Court last week.
Mr. Scott is also facing other sexual charges in Manchester and St. Elizabeth.

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