Transport Minister suggests review of method to test eligibility for road licences

Transport Minister Mike Henry is recommending a review of the methodology of competence before road licences are granted in order to prevent a recurrence of last Friday's fatal crash on the Old Harbour main road in St. Catherine.
Four passengers were killed when the drivers of two vehicles operating as illegal taxis collided in the vicinity of McCooks Pen.
In a statement Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Henry also called for taxi associations to be the watchdog of the industry and report illegal operators.
Mr. Henry said the drivers received a total of 62 traffic tickets.
All are outstanding.
One driver, whose road licence is just one year old, had 12 of the outstanding tickets, while the other driver had 50 issued over six years.
The drivers along with three other passengers sustained serious injuries in the crash.
Mr. Henry said the Road Safety Unit has confirmed that speeding and overtaking were the major factors which contributed to the crash. 
The unit conducted an analysis of the vehicles' black boxes and submitted its report to the Minister on Tuesday.
Mr. Henry said it is unfortunate that the passengers placed themselves in danger, despite numerous warnings not to travel with illegal taxis.
He added that one female passenger was ejected from the vehicle which was evidence that seatbelts were not used.

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