Trelawny woman held in relation to major gun shipment released

Oswest Senior Smith, attorney for the woman allegedly listed as the receiver of a major arms shipment from the US.
The Trelawny woman who was arrested on Monday in connection with last month's arms and ammunition find in Miami has been released.
Her attorney, Oswest Senior Smith, told RJR News that he was informed by the police earlier on Thursday that she would be placed on bond although investigations continue. 
The 25 year old woman, who was the consignee for the shipment, was taken to her parent's home in Trelawny on Wednesday in handcuffs where a search was conducted.
She was also taken to Montego Bay, St. James where further searches were conducted at the home of her relatives.
Detectives of the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC) have been urging the woman to cooperate with them in their probe.
Mr. Senior Smith told RJR News that he informed investigators on Wednesday night that his client will not answer any further questions.
The police, he said, are arguing that whether or not the receiver of the shipment knew what was being shipped, that person should still be charged for possession of the illegal articles. 
But he reasoned that this argument is nonsensical. 
US officials seized 117 illegal guns and more 200 rounds of ammunition in two barrels at Miami International Airport last month.
The barrels were destined for Montego Bay, St. James.

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