Trinidadian boys returned to their mother after being brought by father to Syria

Two Trinidadian children kidnapped and taken to Syriain 2014 by their father, who is said to be an ISIS fighter,  have been reunited with their Trinidadian mother.
The Kurdish administration of northern Syria released the boys into the care of their mother on Monday.
The boys, who were taken to live in the so-called IS "caliphate," were able to leave Syria with the help of rock musician Roger Waters, who helped their mother fly to Syria to meet them.
The Kurdish authorities say their father was killed.
But the Trinidad and Tobago government on Tuesday said there was no record of the two children being kidnapped by their father and taken to Syria as it responded to the international media reports about the boys' release. 
The Ministry of National Security said a special team which had been established to deal with possible repatriation and reintegration of Trinidadians who have been held in refugee and detention camps in Syria and Iraq, had started an investigation and verification exercise to ascertain the facts surrounding the two boys.

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