Trump sparks controversy after making derogatory reference to foreign countries

US President Donald Trump has sparked outrage by reportedly using crude language to describe foreign countries in an Oval Office meeting.
Mr. Trump later insisted he did not insult Haitians and appeared to deny describing any nations as was reported, prompting a global outcry.
Democratic Senator Dick Durbin said Mr. Trump called African countries a derogatory term and used racist language.
But two Republicans present said they could not remember those comments.
Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue, of Arkansas and Georgia, said they heard the comments.
Amid widespread coverage of his remarks at the private meeting with lawmakers to discuss immigration legislation on Thursday, Mr. Trump  tweeted on Friday that his language at the meeting had been tough. 
But he added that the words attributed to him were not the language used.
Meanwhile, many Norwegians on Friday rejected a suggestion by U.S. President Donald Trump that they would be more welcome to move to the United States than immigrants from Haiti or African nations.
The Nordic country, one of the richest in the world by GDP per capita, was last year named the happiest nation on the planet and is known for a cradle-to-grave welfare state, funded in part by large reserves of oil and natural gas.
Mr. Trump mentioned Norway in the derogatory comments about other countries of migration.
Norweigans condemned the U.S. president's comments as inappropriate or racist.

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