Tuesday night chaos in Swallowfield as residents protest police killing of teenager

There was pandemonium in sections of Swallowfield, St. Andrew on Tuesday night with clashes between protesting residents and the police.

Tempers flared following Monday's fatal shooting of Casey Lake, a 16 year old student, allegedly during a confrontation with the police.

The police used teargas to try to disperse the protesters who had set fire to debris used to block roads.

During the melee the police issued an advisory for motorists to avoid Old Hope Road in the vicinity of  Swallowfield, Windsor Avenue and Arthur Wint Drive.

Earlier in the day, the National Stadium Police Station on Arthur Wint Drive came under attack when a molotov cocktail was thrown at the building.

The incident was believed to be linked to the fatal shooting of  the teenager.

The Independent Commission of Investigations is probing the shooting.

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