Twenty-nine deportees arrive in Jamaica from Britain

Twenty-nine people who were deported to Jamaica from the United Kingdom  arrived on Wednesday afternoon.

The flight arrived at Kingston's Norman Manley International Airport.

The twenty-eight men and a woman were then taken to the police Harman Barracks for processing.

Among those at Harman Barracks to meet the deportees was Oswald Dawkins, General Secretary of  the National Organization of  Deported Migrants.


Meanwhile, Britian's Guardian newspaper has reported that at least six Jamaican detainees are understood to have been granted a last-minute reprieve from the deportation flight.

Campaigners say Owen Haisley, a musician from Manchester who has lived in north-west England since the age of  four, was among them.

Mr. Haisley went to the UK in the late 1970s and was granted indefinite leave to remain when he was 11. He was due to be deported to Jamaica after serving a 12-month jail sentence for assault.

Marzel Bolton is also thought to have been granted a reprieve, along with Christopher Richards and Lascelles White.

It's reported that several other detainees were granted last-minute reprieves.

Shaquille Omiel Bailey spoke to the Guardian from Colnbrook immigration removal centre in London this morning. He said he had his bags packed, ready to get on the flight, but on Tuesday claimed asylum and was not collected by escorts in the evening to board the flight.

Mr. Bailey served 18 months in prison for a class A drugs offence.

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