Uchence gang trial: Prosecution submits photos of locations the gang supposedly committed crimes

Prosecutors at the trial of Uchence Wilson and members of his criminal network have submitted photographs of locations where they said members of the gang carried out attacks during their two year rampage.
Prosecutors on Thursday sifted through the photographs with their key witness, who was a former member of the gang.
The prosecutors showed more than 40 photographs of businesses and houses which were robbed by the Uchence Wilson gang.
The key protection witness has been giving testimony about the areas where he and members of the gang carried out attacks.
In the photographs shown to him, the witness pointed out escape routes they used after robbing their victims.
He also showed a picture of a house where a teenager was raped in front of her family in Kellits, Clarendon.
Twenty-four members of the gang are on trial after being charged under the anti-gang legislation.
The witness has denied suggestions that he is seeking revenge and has lied to the court about the accused being involved in armed robberies in seven parishes between 2015 and 2017.
He insisted that the persons charged in the case, including his aunt, were members of the criminal enterprise.
Prosecutors say members of the Uchence Wilson gang were involved in armed robberies, car stealing, rape and murders in the two years.
The gang stole goods valued at more than $400 million.

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