Union reports progress in securing rights of workers on Mandela Highway Improvement Project

There is a glimmer of  hope for some of  the workers on the Mandela Highway Improvement Project as the  Bustamante Industrial Trade Union (BITU) is reporting that the process has started for it to secure the rights to represent some of  the employees.
They recently went on strike to advocate for better wages and working conditions.
Vice-President of  the BITU, Alden Brown, states that progress was made on Monday during a meeting with attorneys representing CHEC, a Human Resource staff  member and the union.
"At that meeting we demonstrated to them that we had signed documents and forms from the workers and we placed this on the table for acceptance....."said Brown, who was a guest on  Beyond The Headlines.
He also elaborated on the category of  CHEC workers now being represented, and what this means for their benefits.
"These are the workers that move the heavy equipment. We would expect that the workers be paid for their time and a half, after eight hours worked each day and on weekends that they would get extra, after 40 hours of work," he said. 

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