UPDATE: Four held in relation to fatal stabbing of Bog Walk High student

Patrick Phillips, principal of Bog Walk High and Education Minister Ruel Reid
Four people are now in police custody in connection with Monday's fatal stabbing of Bog Walk High School student, 16 year old Kavaughn Barnes.
The police say one of them is a five year old boy.
The stabbing took place on main street in Bog Walk.
It is understood the incident stemmed from a long standing dispute.
Patrick Phillips, principal of Bog Walk High, has said while metal detectors given to the St. Catherine school have helped to prevent weapons entering the institution, students are still finding ways to violently settle their disputes.
Mr. Phillips noted that the students appear to be hiding their weapons outside the school compound then retrieving them for use in confrontations after classes.
He appealed to students to resolve their conflicts in an amicable way, pointing out that teachers and guidance councillors are available to help.
But he said the community also has to play its part. 
"When we give students good values, we expect parents and community to reinforce these values; and when the community and parents give the students good values, the school also reinforce the values," he insisted.  
A trauma team from the Ministry of Education provided grief counselling sessions with the staff and students at Bog Walk High School on Tuesday.
The team was dispatched on Monday afternoon.
Education Minister Senator Ruel Reid has denounced the killing of the teen. 
"This death could have been avoided if conflict resolution was the norm in our society and schools," he argued, urging young people to "find better and non-violent ways of settling disagreements."

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