UPDATE: Second escapee from Ocho Rios lock-up recaptured

A second of five inmates who escaped Friday morning from the Ocho Rios lock-up in St Ann has been recaptured.
David Anderson, 29, was held this afternoon in St. Mary.
The first escapee who was recaptured, 50 year old Gary Ferguson was nabbed about 1 o'clock in Content, St. Ann.
The other escapees still on the run are: 21 year old Nicholas Massop, who is charged with murder and illegal possession of a firearm; 27 year old Renardo Williams and 52 year old Leroy Laud who is charged with illegal possession of a firearm.   
The inmates were discovered missing at 4 a.m.
It is believed that they cut their way through the air conditioning ventilation system in the roof of the cell.

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