UPDATE: Section of crash on Bustamante Highway reopened

A section of the Bustamante Highway which was blocked Thursday afternoon following a three vehicle crash has been reopened.
However, motorists should proceed with caution as the road is slippery.
A truck which overturned has been removed.
Three persons have been taken to hospital.
According to eyewitness reports, the driver of a Toyota RAV4 appeared to have fallen ill prior to the collision as his vehicle was seen driving from side to side on the highway.
It is reported that in the attempt to avoid a head on collision, the driver of a truck laden with flour swerved and the vehicle hit an embankment causing it to overturn.
A car which was travelling behind was damaged by falling flour bags.
The driver of the truck, his sideman and the driver of the RAV4 are the three persons taken to hospital. The driver and passengers in the car were reportedly not hurt.
The flour was looted.

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