Use SOE funds to bolster security forces' resources - Scott

Norman Scott
Mayor of Spanish Town Norman Scott has suggested that the government should use the money being spent on the States of Public Emergency in the St. Catherine North Police Division and St. James to instead bolster the resources of the security forces.
Mayor Scott argued that the money would be better used to increase the mobility of the police force, which he says is struggling with several malfunctioning service vehicles. 
"When you call some station, they tell you 'we don't have no vehicle' because the once vehicle deh a repair place and we don't get it back yet... 'Andrew The One' fix that!" he said, taking aim at the Prime Minister. 
He also contended that the States of Public Emergency continue to have a ripple effect on business operators whose funds have significantly lessened since the emergency operations came into effect. 
Mr. Scott was speaking Sunday night at a political rally in St. Catherine.

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