Used car dealers want 'less restrictive' process to buy used vehicles for JCF

Lynvale Hamilton


The Jamaica Used Car Dealers Association is appealing to National Security Minister Robert Montague to make the application process for the purchase of  pre-owned vehicles for the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) less restrictive.
The Association told RJR News on Monday morning that it has received complaints from some used car dealers that they were dissatisfied with the criteria, so only a few applied.
The contract for the importation of the vehicles has already been awarded and the vehicles have been coming into the island since late last year.
However, Lynvale Hamilton, President of the Used Car Dealers Association, says with the contract already awarded, it can only ask that the Government change its approach, the next time around, to allow more dealers to benefit.
"It could have been better. There is room where we could have allowed a number of other dealers to benefit, however, the reason a number of dealers did not apply...(is because) the criteria to the mind of any dealer were too rigid, and the bond that had to be put up was a significant amount that many dealers were not in a position to pose such a bond," Mr. Hamilton asserted.

He said the security bond was about $400 million.

Motor vehicle tax
In the meantime, Mr. Hamilton said he does not expect that the used car industry will be negatively affected by the 20 per cent tax on motor vehicles and other related fees.

"I doubt very much that it will (affect the industry) because I know that it might be a burden on taxpayers at the moment, but...those things never normally deter people from purchasing motor vehicles," he contended.

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