Vendor shot dead outside Mona Heights Primary

Fabian Mahabeer, Principal of Mona Heights Primary and Colin Steer, Director of Corporate Communication in the Education Ministry
Investigators say a gang feud in Hermitage, August Town, St. Andrew, led to Friday morning's attack at the gate of Mona Heights Primary School during which a vendor was fatally shot.
They say the vendor, who was a resident of Hermitage, was killed by men on a motorcycle.
The incident occurred shortly after 11 o'clock.
The investigators say the vendor, who was not involved in gang activities, may have been targeted because he is related to an area leader in Hermitage. 
Fabian Mahabeer, Principal of Mona Heights Primary, said the shooting occurred in the view of some students who were outside. 
He said they are now traumatised after having to scamper for cover as gunshots rang out and the vendor was shot. 
He said the vendor is a past student of the institution.
The school was forced to close early because of the shooting.
A support team from the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) was dispatched to Mona Heights Primary following the killing. 

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