Vendors concerned about Port Maria Market

Concerns are being expressed about the state of  the Port Maria Market in St Mary after a section of  the roof collapsed yesterday evening hitting a vendor. 

The vendor, Betty-Ann Hermit, who was hit in the head, said the collapse occurred about 6:30 during heavy rain.

“All of a sudden the roof of the market was torn off and the board hit me……”

Meanwhile, Chairman of  the St Mary Municipal Corporation, Richard Creary, says repairs to the roof  of  the market should be completed by tomorrow. 

He explained the reason for the collapse of  the roof.

“On reaching and taking a look at what is there, tt appears that debris built up in the gutter and the weight of the water and debris cause the gutter to collapse….”


Creary said the Municipal Corporation will not be carrying out major repairs to the market as the Ministry of  Local Government has promised that a new facility will be constructed.

However, he bemoaned the length of  time it is taking to begin construction.

“Somewhere around 2010 or thereabouts, we did the design for the market and eight years alter, we still have not gotten the market built. Minister McKenzie has now allocated the fund from the Ministry and the market is in the same condition. I hope this is a wake up call,” he said.



Help for families

Help is coming for families in Heywood Hall, St Mary whose houses where destroyed by landslides during heavy rains last week.

Creary says they will be provided with material to reconstruct their houses. 

The families have been staying at a church in the area.

“Some of the material they salvaged from the three homes were stolen by persons in the same community - but I am told that they have been able to put up one structure. However, the pastor has allowed them to remain until next week Saturday…..”Creary said.


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