Warmington says 3 candidates for JLP dept leader were not legally nominated

Southwest St. Catherine Member of Parliament, the Jamaica Labour Party's Everald Warmington, is not keeping quiet.

Days after withdrawing an application for an injunction in which he had sought to block three of his JLP colleagues from contesting for the post of Deputy Leader, Mr. Warmington is again speaking out.

No stranger to controversy, Mr. Warmington was noticeably absent Sunday from the JLP's scaled-down 69th annual conference.

Everald Warmington said he was simply trying to uphold the constitution of the party he has given over 40 years of his life to. 

He said he has been trying to resolve the matter internally since early October. Having written to the General Secretary and copied the party leader on October 11 informing him that only James Robertson from Area Council Two was properly nominated.

Mr. Warmington noted that the General Secretary responded by phone, but the matter was not resolved.

The South West St Catherine MP said he followed up with another letter on November 7 outlining the reasons why Area Council Two was the only council to properly nominate a candidate for Deputy Leader.

Again nothing was done prompting his court action.

He said he withdrew the court action on Saturday based on assurances from the Party Leader, the Acting Chairman, and the General Secretary. 

Those assurances essentially meant there would be no election for the three deputy leader positions in question Sunday. 

But they were elected at Sunday's conference.

Mr Warmington says the resolution brought by Arthur Williams was not valid as he didn't follow the procedures as set out in the constitution. 

“I don’t know I can’t tell you. To me, it is something to protect his friends in position. There is no ulterior motives... everybody know I stand alone and fight principled battles.  Nobody can influence me and I fight battles for no body.”

He denied his decision to take the JLP to court brought the party into disrepute.

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