Water level at Hermitage Dam steadily improving; Mona Reservoir inches up

The NWC is reporting that the water level at the Hermitage Dam in St. Andrew continues to improve.
It has increased to more than 80 per cent of capacity, coming from 36 per cent in May. 
"The normal would have been for us to be at 100 per cent from late May through June at the Hermitage Dam. We're not quite there yet but we're much better off now than we were before," said NWC Corporate Communications Manager Charles Buchanan.
Two weeks ago, the catchment facility was at 65.8 per cent of  capacity.
Mona Reservoir 
Meanwhile, the water level at the Mona Reservoir has inched up to 39 per cent of capacity despite recent rainfall. 
"Unfortunately in the case of the Mona Reservoir, the rate of increase has been slow and it has stalled over the past few days, but hopefully, we'll see some more rainfall that would enable us to continue to improve the levels at those facilities," Mr. Buchanan said.  
He said supply to NWC customers will still be restricted.

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