Water restrictions tighten as dry spell worsens

Charles Buchanan, NWC Corporate Communications Manager
Corporate Area residents are being faced with tighter water restrictions as the decline in supplies returns to the crisis levels seen before a break in the dry spell last month.
In a media release Monday afternoon, the National Water Commission (NWC) said despite intermittent showers in a few areas, water inflows at two of the entity's largest facilities and several rural systems are still declining.  
Some are critically low or have dried up.
The Meteorological Service of Jamaica has forecast that the dry spell could extend into September.
The NWC says the drought is posing significant challenges to its ability to provide water to communities across Kingston and St. Andrew.
The NWC's Corporate Communications Manager, Charles Buchanan, has said things are again at crisis levels. 
The NWC said there has been a steady decline at the Hermitage Dam, from 80 per cent during the first week of this month, to 76 per cent on Saturday.
At the Mona Reservoir, it declined from 35 per cent to 33 per cent over the same period.
Mr. Buchanan said based on reports up to July 15, a large majority of the plants situated in East Rural St. Andrew have experienced significant decline in inflows, wirth some drying up entirely.    
Members of the public are being urged to brace for possible disruptions in their water supply, including lower water pressure.
The NWC said there could also be adjustments in the current water supply regulations in the areas that are worst impacted.
The NWC said it is working to streamline its water supply and trucking schedules to better respond to the various areas that are being affected. 
Mr. Buchanan said water supply to customers will depend on the system from which they receive service.
He said factors which influence supply include availability of water, elevation and customers' location on the system. 
Mr. Buchanan is urging NWC customers to conserve water, even if their supply is not being affected. 
He said customers should also store water for use during the period of disruptions.

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