West Kingston Compensation Committee report again delayed

Senator Ruel Reid
The submission of the report from the West Kingston Compensation Committee has again been pushed back.
Information Minister Senator Ruel Reid, who made the announcement at Wednesday's Jamaica House media briefing, said the report was pushed back by a month to facilitate the completion of the report and the payment of a balance of $23.9 million to the chairman of the Compensation Committee. 
The report should have been completed at the end of August after the committee requested more time to consider late submissions.
The original date for the completion of the document was the end of July. However, the committee requested more time to consider late submissions. This extension was granted until the end of August. 
The committee is looking into the issue of compensation for the estate of persons who were killed during the May 2010 West Kingston operation.  
The committee is also looking at compensation for those who were detained or suffered loss and damage to property. 
FINSAC report  
Meanwhile, Cabinet has approved the revised budget for the completion of the report from the FINSAC Commission of Enquiry.
Information Minister Senator Ruel Reid said the additional funds amount to $58.3 million.
In April, Finance Minister Audley Shaw said the report would have been tabled in Parliament before August.
It was reported that $38 million had been allocated for its preparation.
The report should be completed before the end of this year.

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