West Kingston Enquiry - DCP Rose accused of dodging questions

Sir David Simmons, Chairman of the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry, on Monday accused Assistant Commission of Police, Leon Rose of dodging questions put to him by attorney Lord Anthony Gifford, who questioned the senior cop ACP Rose about the briefing given to officers on May 24, 2010 when the State of Emergency was issued. 

He sought to find out from ACP Rose if he had explained to his officers the arrest and detention protocols during a State of Emergency.

“The police personnel dispatched from the mobile Reserve outfit clearly understood their authority and powers,” said ACP Rose.

Dissatisfied with that response, Sir David interjected and began to question ACP Rose directly.

“My briefing of the men took into account what they should do in relation to detention and in our organisation, based on that nature, and the nature of all that was happening, coming to that decision would not be left to an individual officer of low rank,” Rose declared

The senior officer also flatly rejected suggestions from attorney Carol DaCosta that "Operation Keywest" was an abject failure.

Attorney for the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Deborah Martin also objected to some of the suggestions.

Rose, in outlining the objectives of the operation, insisted that the police went about instigating positive change in the community by its eventual intervention.

The Enquiry continues on Tuesday

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