Westmoreland police working to dismantle gangs

Superintendent Lanford Salmon
The Westmoreland police are moving to dismantle criminal gangs operating in the parish.
According to statistics, 115 persons have been murdered in Westmoreland since January, the third highest rate by parish in the country.
This has prompted the police to step up daily operations in the parish.
In the last several weeks, a number of gang members have been captured or killed.
Garth Stewart, who headed one of the major gangs in Westmoreland was fatally shot last week in Darliston.
Superintendent Lanford Salmon, head of the Westmoreland police division, said increased police operations have been successful in curbing the bloodletting in the parish which is a famous spot for tourists.
"Things are somewhat at a level - not where we would want it to be, because the fact is the guns are still out there in the hands of criminals. Nevertheless, we are doing the best with the resources available to us and it's not so bad at this time," he asserted.   

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