Westmoreland woman found guilty of assaulting police officer

A Westmoreland businesswoman who pleaded guilty to several charges including assaulting a police officer was on Thursday fined $92,000 or 21 days imprisonment in the St Elizabeth Parish Court.
Nicole Powell, 33,of  Whitehouse was also charged with operating an unlicensed motorcar, having no fitness certificate, resisting arrest, using indecent language, malicious destruction of  property and assault occasioning bodily harm.
The court was told that Miss Powell was driving her car along Main Street in Santa Cruz about 2pm on Tuesday awhen she was stopped by the police.
During a check of  her car documents, it was discovered that the vehicle was not licensed and the fitness certificate had expired.
The vehicle was seized.
Miss Powell reportedly became enraged, destroying the police ticket book and biting a policeman on the arm.
In court, Miss Powell apologized to the police and the court for her behaviour.

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