Widespread flooding caused by heavy rain

Edna Caridice of McGilchrist Palms, Toll Gate and Majay Rodney of Mitchell Town


Heavy rains since Friday night have caused flooding in many sections of the mid-island parish of Clarendon.

Communities such as Milk River, Rocky Point, Mitchell Town, Toll Gate, Cariteo Hill, Mineral Heights, Four Paths, Lionel Town and Western Park are among the worst affected.

Edna Caridice, a resident of McGilchrist Palms in Toll Gate, told RJR News that she was particularly frustrated because it was only last month that the community  was also flooded.

In Mitchell Town, rising flood waters have left residents on edge, as Majay Rodney told RJR’s Hopeton Henry.

The main road from Spalding to Cave Valley has been blocked by a fallen tree.


Flooding has also been reported in various sections of the adjoining parish of Manchester, with the parish capital, Mandeville, badly affected.

The Porus main road, linking the parishes of Clarendon and Manchester has reportedly been rendered impassable by flooding as well.

Councillor Donovan Mitchell, Mayor of Mandeville, has also advised that the road leading from Winston Jones Highway through Hanbury to Ingleside is cut off to vehicular traffic and shouuld therefore be avoided.


The Milbank main road in the Rio Grande area in East Portland has been reduced to single lane traffic.

This is due to a breakaway caused by the heavy rains.

Land slippage has caused two boulders to block a section of the road.

St. Thomas

The National Works Agency is reporting that it has mobilised crews to re-open the road from Bath to Barrett's Gap in St. Thomas which is blocked by a landslide.

The road from Wilmington to Morant Bay is also impassable.


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