Windalco able to pay workers for June

Vincent Morrison, President of UCASE, which represents Windalco workers
Windalco has stated that it will be able to meet another payroll despite uncertainties expressed late last month.
There is a stay of US sanctions against Windalco's parent company, Russian aluminium producer UC Rusal, but Windalco is struggling as international financial institutions shy away from doing business with it.
The company had problems paying employees last month, and had offered no plan to unions of how salaries would be paid this month.
However, Vincent Morrison, President of the Union of Clerical, Administrative and Supervisory Employees (UCASE), said during a meeting Wednesday, he was assured that this month's salaries would be paid. 
Mr. Morrison said the issue of staff cuts has not come up in meetings with Windalco's management.
But he noted that concerns remain in relation to the company's ability to meet its financial obligations as banks continue to shy away from doing business it. 

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