Woman accused of killing her lover's wife, loses fight to overturn conviction

A fashion designer who was convicted for killing the wife of her lover in 2005, has lost her fight to get the conviction overturned and her sentence reduced.
However, she has been given less time for becoming eligible for parole.
The Court of Appeal on Friday published its judgement for Janet Douglas.
The case against Ms Douglas, a fashion designer from Zaidie Gardens, St. Andrew was that she became friends with Isolyn McGill, the wife of a policeman with whom she was having an affair.
She tricked Mrs. McGill into following her to a location in Clarendon where she stabbed her 18 times.
Douglas was convicted in 2005 and sentenced to life in prison, with the possibility of parole after 40 years.
She appealed the conviction and the Court of Appeal ordered a retrial, after which she was again convicted.
Following this conviction she again appealed, but this time she argued that she did not receive a fair second trial because the judge did not give a full and complete summation to the jury, and they therefore found her guilty with limited information.
Through her attorney, Robert Fletcher, she also argued that the sentence was excessive.
The Court of Appeal considered the arguments, but explained that the trial judge gave a detailed summation to the jury and made all the issues sufficiently clear. 
For that reason the conviction was upheld.
In relation to Douglas' sentence, her attorney argued that there was too much emphasis on the retribution aspect of the sentence, and she did not benefit from a Social Enquiry Report before sentencing.
The Court of Appeal agreed.
Among other things, it considered that she had been in custody for 15 years before the appeal.
However, it pointed out that the murder involved extreme violence, was very well planned, and involved betrayal.
The Court again sentenced her to life in prison, but reduced the number of years for which she is eligible for parole from 40 to 20 years.
With the sentence beginning from March 2011, this means she could be released on parole by 2031.

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