Works minister, MPs clash regarding allocation for drain cleaning, road repairs

Everald Warmington and Dr. Dayton Campbell
With the start of the hurricane season two weeks away, State Minister for Works Everald Warmington and members of the Parliamentary Opposition on Tuesday expressed differing views regarding the allocation of funds for drain cleaning and road repairs.
Speaking in the House of Representatives Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Warmington said he was surprised that members were inquiring about more money for drain cleaning based on what was allocated to them in December.
"From the report I've received, there is no catastrophic damage done in the last rain. But the issue is that "Every single Member of Parliament received $12 million over Christmas. It was for drain cleaning, bushing and patching. I am surprised that members are still asking about patching in their constituency," Mr. Warmington purported. 
"At this stage, we are not making allocations now for drain cleaning based on the allocation we had then. We are hoping that in the second phase, then we can look at allocation for drain cleaning," he declared. 
But the comments by Mr. Warmington did not sit well with Dr. Dayton Campbell, Member of Parliament for St. Ann North Western, who argued that Mr. Warmington's comments gave the impression that members were allowed to spend their $12 million allocation in any way they decided.  
"The allocation that was given, there was a set portion of it that was assigned for patching, and for the Minister of State to rise and suggest that it was spent in a wanton way is misleading the House," he insisted.  

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