Young woman murdered in Little London, Westmoreland

A woman who was reported missing in Little London, Westmoreland has been found dead.

The body of 21 year old Chantal Wright was found on Friday afternoon in bushes near her house.

The body had injuries but it has not been ascertained how she died.

She was found by residents who were searching for the missing woman.      

RJR News was initially told that Miss Wright was last seen leaving a party about 12:30 Wednesday morning.

The police are reporting, however, that she was last seen alive by a member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force who dropped her off at her home about 1130 p.m., Tuesday night.

The police report that the following morning her relatives, realizing she was not at home, began calling her cell phone which went unanswered. She also did not turn up for work, as a result of which she was reported missing at six o’clock on Wednesday evening.

It was during a search by the police and residents on Friday that her body found in bushes about 400 meters from her home.

Residents protested by blocking the Little London main road and  accused the police of killing Miss Wright.

Officers from INDECOM (Independent Commission of Investigations) visited the scene and stated their intention to take over the investigation.


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