ZOSO Social Intervention Committee calls for help from business community

Omar Sweeney
Omar Sweeney, Deputy Chair of the Social Intervention Committee of Zones of Special Operations, has called for the assistance of the business community in implementing programmes in Mount Salem and Denham Town.
Speaking Wednesday afternoon at the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica's annual Christmas luncheon, Mr. Sweeney appealed to corporate Jamaica to invest in the human capital in these communities.
"They are looking for jobs, they want to know what's happening. At the same time, investors who are looking for workers at the base of the pyramid are saying we can't get enough persons who are trainable...persons who have the deportment and the skills to come into the workplace... So now the work really is to match the resources to the types of investments that are there," he asserted. 
Mr. Sweeney said many young people in these communities have qualifications but are in need of training to prepare them for the workplace.
"The programmes for social interventions are really designed to ensure that at the point of entering the workforce, the person is completely trainable to enter this modern workforce. We've seen people with three CXCs, four CXCs, five CXCs but cannot enter the workforce because of their socialisation and their skills," he argued.  
He said in Mount Salem, approximately 1,400 residents have recieved social services in the first 90 days of the ZOSO.
According to Mr. Sweeney, the response from the community members has been strong.

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