CARICOM to ink regional crime Treaty

  Criminals in Jamaica and other CARICOM states will soon find themselves subject to arrest in any country in the region, once an arrest warrant has been issued for them in another member state.     

Countries within the regional grouping are signing the CARICOM Arrest Warrant Treaty to facilitate this additional measure in the collective fight against crime.

Usually when one country wants to have a person returned to its jurisdiction for trial in a criminal matter it has to enter into extradition proceedings with the country in which he or she is being held.

Executive Director of the CARICOM Implementation Agency for Crime and Security, Lyn-Ann Williams says this process can be avoided through the implementation of Common Arrest Warrant as contemplated in the treaty.

"It will simplify the process and allow the police authority in one jurisdiction to detain a criminal who is on the run from another jurisdiction and make the necessary arrangements with all the legal recourse having been observed, to return that criminal to the jurisdiction that is interested in him," she said.

The Arrest Warrant Treaty is one of several areas of regional cooperation that are being pursued in an effort to bring crime across the Caribbean under control.

Miss Williams said some successes have already been achieved including the recent interception of two would be assassins travelling form one country o another to carry our contract killings.

"They were all found to be travelling with fraudulent documents ... they were returned to their country of origin where the enforcement authorities were awaiting their arrival."

She added that discussions are also being held with the United States in an effort to reduce the flow of illegal guns from that country into CARICOM States.



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