Cayman’s Premier rejects proposal from Britain

Cayman Islands Premier, McKeeva Bush, last Friday reportedly released a copy of a letter addressed to newly-appointed British Overseas Territories Minister, Mark Simmonds, rejecting a number of UK demands.

The move, it has been reported, raised fears that Britain may impose direct rule as was done in relation to the Turks and Caicos Islands in 2009.

The letter, said to be  dated October 30, states that “…you will find the government of the Cayman Islands may be led, but are much more difficult to push”.

The issues in question relate to a financial management agreement known as the Framework for Fiscal Responsibility (FFR); whether the Cayman Islands should proceed with a port redevelopment project; and the respective roles of the governor and an appointed budget committee.

Simmonds told Bush last Friday not to proceed with a plan to bring a revised version of the FFR to the Legislative Assembly this week.

In his letter to the premier, Simmonds  reportedly stated, “This is not acceptable,” adding that,   “Should you go through with this course of action, I will have no choice but to conclude that you are disregarding good governance and continue to be in breach of a series of commitments you have made. This is disappointing for the Cayman people.”

In the meantime, the opposition People's Progressive Movement (PPM) has warned that Bush’s defiance could result in direct rule being imposed on the Cayman Islands by the UK.

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