I met her as Dorraine when I joined the RJR Group in 1997. I then worked at FAME 95 FM, and her desk was just downstairs from my office. I would see her everyday – if not in the early morning when I pulled a 5 to 9am shift, then during the regular work day. Her greeting, “How is you?” led to many a conversation. We did ‘talk plenty’, and ‘laaf nuff’ about anything and everything. Eventually, she became ‘Do’.

Years later, when I was getting married, I would see her on one of those days, and ask her to serve as emcee at my wedding. In the throes of putting budget and everything else together, I asked her “Do, let me know as soon as possible what your cost is.” She looked at me for about ten seconds, and then ‘walked me out’. I called after her and she turned around, responding, “Sim, consider it your wedding present”.

Dorraine. The consummate professional. The no-nonsense individual. The generous human being. We miss you. But know you’re resting sweetly, and in peace.