Calabar boycott 'Champs' launch

Voice of Calabar High School's track and field team manager Andrea Hardware

Calabar High's track and field team manager Andrea Hardware said the school boycotted the official launch of the ISSA Grace Kennedy Boy's and Girl's Athletics Championships on Thursday morning because of ISSA’s failure to acknowledge their concerns regarding the decision to allow Ugandan Ari Rodgers to compete for Kingston College at this year’s.

No representative from the school was at the launch at the Spanish Court Hotel while members of the school community marched with the Mortimer Geddes Trophy from Red Hills Road to the ISSA offices on Thursday morning.

Speaking on Hitz 92 FM's Sports Explosion, Hardware says they have taken these measures to force a response from ISSA.

"As a school family we are saying to ISSA that they need to tell us what led to the decision. Let us understand what the extenuating circumstances are so that we can make an informed decision as to whether or not those decision were made fairly and will infact create a fair environment for competition,” she said.

Despite the protests, Hardware says Calabar are willing to compromise if ISSA responds. “We are going to be responsible in whatever decisions we take but we cannot make those decisions without information,” said Hardware.

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