Calabar High releases statement on alledged assault of Physics teacher

The administration of Calabar High School has broken its silence on the alledged physical assault of a Physics teacher by some members of the school's track and field team. A release published by the school on its website on Sunday morning came in response to the allegations outlined by the teacher at a press conference on Friday.

A release under the signature Acting Principal Calvin Rowe cast doubt over Physics teacher Sanjay Shaw's account of the alledged incident which occured on December 15 of last year, given the lack of video evidence to support his claims. According to Rowe, several requests were made of Shaw to provide the video evidence he claimed to have had but the video Shaw provided had no footage of the specific assault claims made by him. The release said the two students involved, strongly denied assaulting Shaw and testified instead to the contrary.

The Acting Principal said having taken everything into consideration, and noting the conflicting reports and lack of evidence of any assault on the video footage provided by Shaw, the school's administration decided not to escalate the matter to the board level but opted instead to deal with it at the level of the school's senior leadership team.
The release added that Shaw also dropped an earlier request for reimbursement of funds expended for his medical bill and repairs to his cellular phone but insisted that the two athletes in question be suspended. However, he was advised that the nature of the punishment was prerogative of the principal. The Acting Principal said he later had a change of heart and decided to re-interview the two students in question and while their testimonies remain unchanged, he decided to suspend them for five days with the condition that that they would be required to work on their CAPE School-Based Assessments during that time.

They were also allowed to train on the school's campus and also to compete in the final development meet of the season. The release said several attempts to convene a face to face meeting with Shaw to help resolve the issue proved futile as the teacher repeatedly made himself unavailable.

The release did not name the two student athletes in question but at Friday's press conference, Shaw levelled the main assault allegations at team captain Christopher Taylor and sprint hurdler Dejour Russell. Efforts to get in touch with the Acting Principal were unsuccessful.

Taylor and Russell are expected to represent Calabar as the school seeks to defend its title at the ISSA Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls Athletics Championships starting on Tuesday at the National Stadium.



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