Calabar questions ISSA over clearance of KC's Ugandan athlete

Calabar High School is asking questions of the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association, on how they arrived at their decision in clearing Ugandan teenager Ari Rodgers to compete  at this year's Boy's and Girl's Athletics Championships for Kingston College.

In a release, Calabar questioned ISSA's eligibility rules and asked the association to make known under what circumstance the athlete was cleared.

The letter however went on to state that Calabar had no issues with Kingston College, but rather ISSA which handed down the ruling.

Last week, ISSA cleared Rodgers to compete after questions were raised about his eligibility, having reportedly entered KC after ISSA's deadline date for registration.

ISSA's ruling was based on extenuating circumstances as Rodgers is said to have encountered visa issues en-route to Jamaica.



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