Carey Brown/JADCO battle takes another twist

Report by RJRGLEANER Communications Group Sports Reporter Trishana McGowan

The battle between former Executive Director Carey Brown and the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO) has taken yet another twist and is set to enter another round. Brown's attorney Hugh Wildman will head to the Court of Appeal on Tuesday morning to hear the outcome of his application for a stay, pending Brown's appeal against Friday's ruling by the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court dismissed Brown's case brought against the Board of Directors of JADCO and also removed the injunction he had been granted. Costs were also awarded in favour of JADCO.

JADCO’s chairman Alexander Williams advised the office on Friday that in effect, the Supreme Court had treated Brown as being dismissed as of October 11. It's also understood that a directive was given for the necessary steps to be taken to have Brown vacate the premises of JADCO immediately.

Brown took JADCO to court after the Board of Directors decided in early September to part company with him over what was said to be a loss of confidence. The board also noted that there were breaches governing the anti doping process and sample collection procedures during Brown's tenure.

Of note were the cases brought against national athletes Kaliese Spencer and Ryker Hylton. Both cases were later dismissed by the Independent Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel. Wildman is optimistic about Tuesday morning's outcome.

“We cannot tell them what to do but one of the things we’ll be seeking to do on Tuesday is to have him reinstated pending the determination of the appeal. We are pretty confident about the appeal. What we find very strange about this case is that the judge reserved (judgement) for six weeks and came back and did not give a reason; only to say leave was denied,” said Wildman.

JADCO’s chairman Alexander Williams, who also spoke with RJR Sports, said he was being guided by Friday's Supreme Court ruling.

“We no longer have an injunction restraining us and as far as we are concerned, his case in the Supreme Court has been struck out. So until otherwise advised by either the Supreme Court or the Court of Appeal, we’ll take our cue from the fact his case has been struck out,” noted Williams.  Brown was appointed Executive Director of JADCO in October 2013.






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