Coleman breaks silence on whereabouts rule violation hearing

American 100m world leader Christian Coleman has acknowledged that he is facing an anti-doping hearing about a whereabouts violation on “September 4” in an interview with NBC commentator and Olympic medallist Ato Boldon.

“I am confident the upcoming hearing on September 4 will clear the matter and I will compete at the World Championship in Doha this fall,” Coleman, the London 2017 World Championships silver medallist is quoted as saying to Boldon. “I’m not a guy who takes any supplements at all, so I’m never concerned about taking drug tests, at any time,” the world 60m record holder added.

The Daily Mail broke news this week that Coleman was facing the possibility of missing next month’s World Championships due to the whereabouts violation, but the American who is down to compete in the 100m and 200m double, seems confident he will be exonerated.

“What has been reported widely concerning filing violations is simply not true,” Coleman reasoned. “Some time after the hearing, I will be free to answer questions about the matter, but for now I must respect the process,” Coleman also said to Boldon.

Under the rules of the World Anti-Doping Agency, WADA’s whereabouts system, athletes must give details of where they will be for one hour every day in case they are required for testing. A whereabouts failure can be classified according to two types: a filing failure or a missed test. It carries a maximum ban of 4 years, if athletes are found guilty in a disciplinary hearing.


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