Communications Officer clarifies Pitterson-Nattie's presence at Sunshine Girls' training

Voice of Netball Jamaica Director and Communications Officer Wayne Lewis

Netball Jamaica Director and Communications Officer Wayne Lewis has given the assurance that Oberon Pitterson-Nattie has not been appointed assistant coach of the Sunshine Girls despite her being allowed to conduct sessions with the team ahead of their series against Barbados this weekend.

Pitterson-Nattie a member of Netball Jamaica's selection panel, was seen conducting a training session with the Sunshine Girls while current coach Jermaine Allison-McCracken watched on, inside the National Indoor Sports Centre.

However, Lewis while speaking on Hitz 92 FM's Sports Grill on Tuesday, confirmed that the former Sunshine Girl and former national coach was not a part of the current coaching staff.

“Oberon Pitterson is not the assistant coach but from time to time coaches will come to talk to the team. There’s absolutely no over-riding of the powers of the coach; it’s her programme and I think she’s coming with something different that will help us tremendously going forward,” said Lewis.

Lewis was also quick to point out that Netball Jamaica was not about to undermine coach Allison-McCracken as she continues to have full control over the team.



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