CONCACAF Nations League to replace Carib Cup

After 19 editions of the Caribbean Football Union Caribbean Cup, president of CONCACAF  Victor Montaglianni has confirmed that the tournament will be discontinued. The Canadian made this revelation on day one of the FIFA Executive Football Summit at the Montego Bay Convention Centre on Thursday.

“We need to follow suit because in business if you don’t follow suit, you are going to be left behind. We ensured that we became more efficient in how we do things and our regional competitions so Caribbean Cup wasn’t the only one. From an efficiency and alignment standpoint they could be dwarfed into something-else in terms of development but in terms of official competitions, our Nations League will be the vehicle for that,” said the CONCACAF boss.

Jamaica won the Caribbean Cup on six occasions with Trinidad and Tobago the only nation who won more as they have eight titles to their name. The groups for the CONCACAF League of Nations will be announced in March.

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