DaCosta Cup chairman says ISSA open to discussing proposed transfer eligibility changes

Voice of DaCosta Cup Committee Chairman Linvern Wright

Principal of Rusea’s and Chairman of the DaCosta Cup Competition Linvern Wright says ISSA  are open to discussing the recent changes to it transfer eligibility rules for student-athletes. There have been mixed reviews to ISSA's announcement so far but Wright says the door has not been closed on further dialogue with all  stake holders including the student-athletes. 

One of the changes states that students who are continuing their studies at the school they completed grade 11, will only require ISSA’s minimum academic and eligibility criteria, which are at least four internal subjects with averages above 45 per cent and 80 per cent attendance.  

“We are very happy for these opportunities to talk because it’s about dialogue; we think the media have their views; parents have their views; we want to engage in that, we want to talk and if you notice we’ve always been willing to come and talk. We are not backing off; we are facing the public to talk about it; it’s a discussion; it’s dialogue; we’re making them understand our side and the things we’ve looked at,” said Wright.

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