Exodus of senior netballers hurting the sport

Renowned local netball coach Winston Nevers, says the exodus of senior players from the national team will have a negative impact on the future of the team.

Several top players including sisters Romelda and Nicole Aiken, along with Paula Thompson and Sasha-Gaye Henry have taken extensive breaks from the program while defender Althea Byfield has retired.

Nevers says the Jamaica Netball Association should try to find a way to get these players to return to the program immediately.

“They have a lot to offer to the national programme. We should have those players to groom those who are coming now, they definitely would serve the programme well at this time,” he said.

Nevers is also making a plea to former captain Simone Forbes, who retired prior to the World Netball Championship earlier this year following a three month drugs suspension.

“Simone Forbes would be very, very important and I would like to ask Simone Forbes to come back and see what she can do with the programme because she is a quality player and she brings the attack to those teams. If we have those four players Byfield, the Aiken sisters and Forbes I think we’ll do a good job with the ones we have now,” he said. 


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