Foster-Hylton urges some athletes to consider switching events

Voice of national 100m hurdles record holder Brigitte Foster-Hylton

Former world champion and national sprint hurdles record holder Brigitte Foster-Hylton, has suggested that some current national athletes could consider switching events in order to realise a greater level of success. Foster-Hylton who is now an assistant coach at the UTech/MVP with responsibility for the hurdles, was speaking on Hitz 92 FM's Girls Sports Club on Wednesday.

“I would encourage a lot of the men running the 100 metres to try the 400m and a lot of the guys in the 110m hurdles to try the 400m hurdles. Even though we have had a lot of success in the 100m and the glamour and flair are there, you can actually do well in other events,” said Foster-Hylton.

Meanwhile, Foster-Hylton who won gold in the sprint hurdles at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin, Germany, believes the future for Jamaica's female sprint hurdles will get brighter in due course.

“I think the ladies are all doing very well and they are actually very young. Hurdling is such a technical event but they will only get better as they get older. I was able to get better in the latter stages of my career not necessarily because I was faster but because I was more technical,” she reasoned.

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