"Franno" explains Tracey's exit from MVP

Voice of veteran coach Stephen Francis

Veteran coach Stephen Francis has broken his silence over the split between national champion Tyquendo Tracey and the MVP Track Club. Tracey left the club last year after six seasons and subsequently said he was asked to leave. Francis who coached Tracey during his six seasons at the UTech-based club has confirmed that the former Garvey Maceo student was in fact asked to leave.

“MVP is a difficult organization to be a part of especially when you believe that you are doing well and that you should have certain privileges; we don’t allow that. If you decide on other things that are more important to you than the rules we have, then you are free to go elsewhere. Tyquendo felt that he could not operate within the structure that other MVP athletes have operated, you are free to go elsewhere,” said Francis. Meanwhile, Francis has maintained that the club is in as good a position as ever to withstand the departure of Tracey. 








25 year old Tracey had his best season as a senior in 2018 after winning the 100 metres at the Athletics World Cup in July, and at the NACAC Championships in August, and was also a part of the winning 4X100 metre relay team at the Continental Cup in September.

He holds a personal best of 9.96 seconds for the 100 metres and 20.39 in the 200 metres.

He now trains overseas.



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