Gibson McCook organizers concerned about clash of date with music festival

Report by RJRGLEANER Communications Group Sports Reporter Jordan Forte

Independence Park Limited (IPL) which is responsible for the maintenance of the National Stadium facility, is downplaying concerns by organizers of the annual Gibson/McCook Relays that this year's staging could clash with an event being held on the same day at the facility by the Ministry of Culture, Gender Entertainment and Sports.

General Manager of the IPL, Major Desmon Brown confirmed that chairman of the Gibson/McCook Relays Organising Committee, Professor Rainford Wilks wrote to the board on Thursday, expressing concern that a sound clash event being staged by the Ministry on February 29 at the National Indoor Sports Centre could negatively impact the one relay carnival. However, Major Brown says he doesn't forsee a problem.

The IPL Complex includes the National Stadium, Stadium East, the National Indoor Sports Centre, the National Arena, Leila Robinson Courts, the Aquatic Centre and the basketball courts.

Major Brown says he expects chairman of the IPL board, Mike Fennell will be responding to the Gibson Relays chairman Professor Wilks in writing in short order.



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