ISSA fine-tunes for "Champs 2019"

Voice of "Champs" Organizing Committee Chairperson Coleen Montague

ISSA’s fine-tuning effort at the National Stadium for next week's  highly anticipated ISSA Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls Athletics Championships has been slightly setback due to the recent Buju Banton “Long Walk to Freedoom” concert at the facility. The concert which  reportedly attracted 35,000 patrons in attendance and involved the use of the infield and has left parts of the facility behind in respect to ISSA’s preparation such as branding for the five day meet starting on March 26. 

“An event last weekend kind of pushed back our schedule a little bit but today (Thursday) when we did our site visit it was in pretty good condition and recovery has been swift by IPL. We are a little bit behind in terms of what we would have accomplished by now in terms of the set-up,” said “Champs” Organizing Committee chairperson Colleen Montague.

She said  while the overall preparation for “Champs” is on course, there were some finishing touches to be applied by ISSA  with less than a week before the 5 day meet. 

“In terms of the registration of schools, that is on target; so we are pleased with where we are at; preparation of teams we are 80 percent where we want to be; preparation of the stadium, 30 percent of where we want to be but we’ll get there by Monday evening,” said Montague.



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