ISSA president revives debate about future change to 'Champs' schedule

Voice of ISSA President Dr Walton Small

President of the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA) Dr Walton Small has revived talks about possible changes to the schedule for the Boys and Girls Athletics Championships. Dr Small who was speaking following the launch of this year’s event on Wednesday, said there was the possibility of a change in schedule for future championships.

However, should a change be made, it would not disturb the current final day fixture. “We believe that if we can start having like the 100 metres on the second day, then you will realise that a lot people would be coming in. But the logistics, people look at ‘Champs’ because they love the excitement of the last day with all finals. If you interfere with that then you are going to interfere with the culture that exists,” said Dr Small.

The 2018 ISSA Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls Athletics Championships will be held at the National Stadium from March 20-24.



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