JAAA accumulates record breaking year of expenditure

Voice of JAAA President Dr Warren Blake

Even though it has been a non-World Championship or Olympic year, president of the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) Dr Warren Blake says it has been a record breaking year of expenditure for the association. Dr Blake says spending over $40 million to send teams to track and field meets overseas
is  included in the expenses 
Those teams included, the World Under-20 Championships, the NACAC Senior Championships, the World Indoor Championships and the IAAF Athletics World Cup. This year is supposed to be a low-key year and it ended up that we sent more athletes overseas than ever before and we also took on a competition that we really never planned for, the Under 18 Invitational that we had between ourselves and Canada so that landed us with some expenses; some of which we are still trying to settle,” noted Dr Blake.

With a few months to go before they do their year-end review, Dr Blake says they are looking at clearing these expenses early next year.

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